Terminals at Sao Paulo Airport

São Paulo airport has 3 different terminals known as Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

Since December 2015, the terminal numbers has changed. Former Terminal 4 is now Terminal 1, and former Terminal 1 and 2 were joined. Currently the terminals are numbered in sequential order.


Terminal 1

The terminal building is the smallest one at São Paulo airport. The building has one floor and operates with domestic (and direct) flights. It has gates from 101 to 109 and there is a shuttle bus service that runs to/from T1 and the other two terminals 2 and 3. Parking E is the closest parking garage from the terminal.

It connects with Terminals 2 and 3 by shuttle bus service.

Lounge available: Proair VIP Lounge


Terminal 2

The terminal building has two levels: Arrivals and Departures. Each level has two wings (East and West). Terminal 2 is the largest terminal at the airport and links directly with Terminal 3 via walkway. It operates with domestic and Latin American destinations.


Arrivals Level

It handles both international and domestic flights. On the West side there are managed only domestic flights, the East side operates with international and domestic flights. There is a shuttle bus service in the East side that runs to Terminal 1. From Terminal 2, the Parking Area E - T2 is close.


Departures Level

As the arrivals level, it has the East and West wing.

- East: it has gates from 224 to 246.

There is direct access to the VIP Lounges and the Mezzanine.


- GOL Premium Lounge

- GRU Lounge

- American Airlines Admirals Club

- Smiles VIP Lounge

- Proair VIP Lounge

Links with Terminal 3.


- West: it has gates from 201 to 219.

There is also direct access to the VIP Lounges and the Mezzanine. Economy class passengers can entry to several airport lounges paying a fee.


Terminal 3

Most of the international flights are operated from Terminal 3.

The terminal building is divided between: Arrivals, Departures and Pier Departures.

Arrivals: It has the Mezzanine level and the Arrivals level.


- Mezzanine: it has a gateway to Terminal 2 and 3. It has medical care service, and restrooms as well as security point, elevators, escalators and stairs.


- Arrivals level: it hosts the international flights arrivals. There is the baggage claim area, the connection check-in area and the control passports.


- Departures: The VIP Lounges are located at Departures area, in the upper floor (4th). These are: Executive Lounge GRU Airport and Star Alliance Lounge.

At the departures level there is a Medical Care area.


- Pier Departures: it has gates from 301 to 326. Gates from 309 to 314 are located in a remote boarding.


Terminal 3 has the capacity to handle 12 million people annually.


Inter Terminal Transportation

Various shuttle buses connect all terminals and there are people walkways too.

If do you need to do a transfer at GRU airport, it is recommended to take the flights with enough time, sometimes there are queues and this is an important point if do you need to connect an international flight to a domestic or vice versa. It is necessary to catch the bags from one flight and dispatch them again (maximum 30 minutes).


The airlines that operate at São Paulo airport are the following ones:

- Air Europa

- Austral

- Gol (national)

- Royal Air Maroc

- Sky Airlines

- Tam (national)


Free WiFi is available at São Paulo Airport (GRU).